What Colour is the Olympic torch?

What does the Olympics torch look like?

2020: The Olympic torch was designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, the design is inspired by cherry blossoms, with 5 petal-shaped columns around the tip of the torch, and a rose-gold “sakura gold” color finish. The cheery blossom (or sakura as it’s known in Japan) is is a big part of Japanese culture.

Is the Olympic torch real gold?

It is made from gold PVD-finished aluminium. A torch was produced for every torchbearer (8,000); each weighs around 1,000 g (35 oz) and stands 800 mm (31 in) tall.

What does the shape and Colour of the Olympic torch represent 2020?

The torch that will be used for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay has been designed with a cherry blossom motif — a flower close to the hearts of all Japanese people.

Torch Specifications.

Length 710mm
Colours Sakura and gold

Why is the Olympic flame yellow?

Hydrogen produced this way is known as “green hydrogen”. Unlike propane, which has been used as the fuel for previous Olympic flames, hydrogen burns with an invisible, colourless flame. To create the visible, yellow flame sodium carbonate was sprayed into the hydrogen.

How much does an Olympic torch sell for?

Torch selling price and Olympic Games: 1980 Lake Placid: $38,250. 1976 Innsbruck: $25,124. 2020 Tokyo: $18,529.

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How much is 2012 Olympic torch worth?

According to the organisers of London 2012, the torches are worth £495 but the bearers paid only £215 for them, with London 2010 funding the difference. A spokeswoman for London 2012 said the bearers were free to do what they wanted with the torches.

Has anyone ever dropped the Olympic torch?

The Olympic cauldron itself has been extinguished by accident once, when a rainstorm hit the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was initially re-lit using a cigarette lighter, before being extinguished again and re-lit using a backup flame.

What does the Olympic torch symbolize?

The Olympic flame symbolizes the light of spirit, knowledge and life. By passing the flame from one person to another in stages, the Torch Relay expresses the handing down of this symbolic fire from generation to generation.