What illness did Don Hume have during the Olympics?

What illness did Don Hume have?

Hume, a charter member of the University of Washington’s Husky Hall of Fame, died Sunday of complications from a heart attack and a stroke in the past three weeks, said Bob Moch of Woodinville, a close friend and coxswain on the 1936 crew.

Who was the head of the University of Washington rowing program in boys in the boat?

Daniel James Brown chronicled their come-from-behind victory in his bestseller “The Boys in the Boat.” But those boys were a UW legend long before Brown ever wrote his book. “We honor the ’36 crew,” says UW head rowing coach Michael Callahan.

Who was the University of Washington’s biggest rowing rival?

Now, the riveting tale about nine Husky rowers who won the 1936 Olympic gold medal has recast the spotlight on the often-bitter rivalry between Washington and Cal. The rowing powers will meet Saturday in Seattle for the 104th time in a regatta that played a central role in Brown’s book.

What is a Clipper in rowing?

The Husky Clipper Symbol Analysis

Next. Swing. The Husky Clipper, the shell that the “boys in the boat” row to Olympic victory in 1936, symbolizes the collaborative nature of the sport of rowing, and the overall story and victory of Joe Rantz’s Washington team.

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Does University of Washington still have a rowing team?

Who are we? Union Bay Rowing Club (UBRC) is a registered club sport at the University of Washington. The club consists of students, faculty and staff who love rowing. We practice both sweep rowing and sculling in fours, quads, doubles and pairs.