What is the meaning of Special Olympics in the poem Nine Gold Medals?

What do you understand by the Special Olympics in the poem Nine Gold Medals?

What is ‘Special Olympics’? … The Special Olympics referred to in David Roth’s poem’ Nine Gold Medals’ became special for a great display of human compassion and co-operation by eight differently-abled runners who stopped and came back to rescue one fellow athlete who fell down to the ground during a race.

What is meant by Special Olympics?

Definition. Special Olympics is an international organization dedicated to empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition.

What was the message of the poem Special Olympics?

The theme of the poem is Special Olympics with focus on the values of empathy, sportsmanship, brotherhood, cooperation, and compassion. The poet gives the message that the spirit of sportsmanship and empathy for fellow human beings is more important than winning a sports competition.

Is the poem Nine Gold Medals only about Special Olympics?

The poem “Nine Gold Medals” is not really about a special Olympic event but about the human compassion and cooperation and about the sportsmanship the eight athletes showed in that particular event when they stopped and came back to help the fallen runner stand on his feet and all went to the finishing line walking …

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How did this Special Olympics become so special?

Answer: When the eight contestants saw their team mate fall, they, instead of continuing the race, came to the help of their fellow contestant. All the athletes had dreamt of winning the medal. … All the contestants displayed empathy turning the Special Olympics into a really ‘special’ one.

What does the term Special Olympics mean what kind of sports meet will it be?

Answer: Explanation: The ‘Special Olympics’ refers to the olympics of the handicapped people. It will be a meet where paralympics, handicapped people, play sports and win medals for the country they are representing.

What lesson do you learn from the poem Nine Gold Medals?

This poem teaches us how encouraging a disappointed person may result in a win for everyone. Human compassion made the athletes forget the competition they had with each other. They picked up their weak companion and finished the race with him. Thus, they all ended up winning one gold medal each.

What lesson do we learn from Nine Gold Medals?

The theme of the poem is that sports is not only about winning medals. It is also about learning the values of cooperation, sharing, competing and complementing. In this poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’, the poet, David Roth has presented the idea of empathy and how human values are as important as the spirit of competition.