What Olympics did Muhammad Ali light the torch?

What Olympics Games did Muhammad Ali light the torch?

Twenty five years ago, the opening ceremony of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games held in Atlanta. The unforgettable, unexpected, gasp drawing moment, the great Muhammad Ali lighting the Olympic caldron.

What role did Ali play in the 1996 Olympics?

At the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games, Ali was the final torch bearer and lit the Olympic Flame.

Was Muhammad Ali in the Olympics?

After watching some boxing programmes on TV, he finally decided to take up the sport. Not only did this decision resulted in an Olympic gold medal, but also created a boxing titan. Despite being only 18 when he competed in the Rome Olympics, Ali won the 81kg weight division gold with all-conquering ease.

Did Cathy Freeman hold the Olympic torch?

In 2000, 13,400 torch-bearers carried the flame. Cathy Freeman’s job was to take the torch from the final torch-bearer and use it to light the Olympic flame that would burn throughout the Games. … She was the first torchbearer in Australia for the torch relay.

Who carried the Olympic torch in 1956?

After a civic reception at Darwin, the flame was carried 909 miles to Cairns by a Canberra jet bomber of the Royal Australian Air Force.

The Torch Relay 1956.

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Description: Cut-out rings above legend ” MELBOURNE: XVI OLYMPIAD 1956″
Material: Aluminum alloy;
Torch measure: Lenght: 47 cm Weight: 960 gr

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