What Olympics was Michael Jordan in?

Did Michael Jordan play in the 96 Olympics?

In 1984, Jordan led the United States to an Olympic gold medal. … Jordan eventually led the Bulls to six NBA titles (1991-1993, 1996-1998). In 1992, Jordan also played on the Dream Team which won the basketball gold medal at Barcelona. He could also have played in 1996 but chose not to do so.

Did Michael Jordan play in the 1992 Olympics?

The 1992 Dream Team was the last hurrah for Larry Bird. He played on the greatest basketball team ever assembled with the U.S. men’s basketball team at the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona, Spain.

What year did Jordan play in the Olympics?

Ask any NBA player and the answer might be the same, they’d pick Olympic Gold over a league championship win, if given a choice. So for Michael Jordan, his moment of reckoning came in 1984 when he played his first Summer games. MJ came as a ray of hope not just for the Chicago Bulls, but also for Team USA.

Did Jordan ever lose in the Olympics?

Played on seven USA Basketball teams and compiled an overall win-loss record of 39-4 (. 907 winning percentage), winning four gold medals and one silver medal. Wore No. 9 with U.S. Olympic teams in 1992 and 1984, No.

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Was Larry Bird and Michael Jordan friends?

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird are close friends, so it wasn’t that surprising to see the Boston Celtics legend take not-so-subtle shots at Chicago Bulls management in 1998 for how they treated MJ and head coach Phil Jackson.