What was the final medal count at the Tokyo Olympics?

What was the final medal count for the 2021 Olympics?

No country has dominated the Olympics quite like the United States. Including the 2021 Tokyo Games, the U.S. has 2,941 total medals between the winter and summer games, including 1,166 gold medals.

USA Olympic medal results by event.

Event Total
Gold 39
Silver 41
Bronze 33
Total 113

How many gold medals did Tokyo Olympics have?

India has won 7 medals in Tokyo Olympics 2021 for far. These 7 medals include 1 Gold Medal, 2 Silver medals and 4 Bronze medals.

Neeraj Chopra Gold Medal.

Game Athlete Medal
Javelin throw Neeraj Chopra Gold

Where are the 2024 Olympics?

What is the total medal count?

Olympic medal count 2021

Pos. Country Total
1 United States 113
2 China 88
3 Japan 58
4 Great Britain 65

How many medals has each country won in the Olympics 2021?

That said, here are the top 10 winners in total medals for the Summer, then Winter Olympics as of 2021.

Olympic Medals By Country 2021.

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Country United States
Gold 1180
Silver 959
Bronze 841
Total Medals 2980

How many times has China won the Olympics?

As of 2021, China finished first in the Summer Olympics medal table once, second three times, and third twice.

China at the Olympics
Website www.olympic.cn (in Chinese)
Medals Ranked 5th Gold 275 Silver 227 Bronze 194 Total 696
Summer appearances
1952 1956–1980 1984 1988 1992 1996 2000 2004 2008 2012 2016 2020

How many medals has each country won in the Olympics?

United States: 113 medals (39 gold, 41 silver, 33 bronze) China: 88 medals (38 gold, 32 silver, 18 bronze) ROC: 71 medals (20 gold, 28 silver, 23 bronze) Great Britain: 65 medals (22 gold, 21 silver, 22 bronze)

Which nation won the first gold medal of Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

Gold medals awarded

This is a new event and South Korea is the first winner.

Which country topped the total medal count at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games?

2020 Tokyo Olympics medal count: USA tops China in gold, silver, bronze and overall medal totals

United States 39 113
China 38 88
Japan 27 58
Great Britain 22 65

How many medals will be given in Tokyo?

As of July 2019, 339 gold medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and 540 gold medals at the Paralympics were scheduled to be awarded in Japan.

Characteristic Number of scheduled gold medals