Which of these sports is not an Olympic sport badminton racquetball table tennis?

Which sport is not an Olympic sport?

Cricket, a British sport, is the second most watched sport in the world, with over 2.5 billion fans. Despite its massive fandom, cricket is not a part of the Olympics.

Why is racquetball not an Olympic sport?

The reason behind the exclusion

You see, for a sport to even be considered by the IOC, it needs to be widely known and played around the world. Even just the USA or Canada will do. But Racquetball has had little to no luck with the inclusion, as the exclusive game is known to a handful of countries.

What is the sport racquetball?

racquetball, game similar to handball but played with rackets. The game is played on a four-walled court with a short-handled racket and a ball larger than that used in handball. It was invented in 1950 by Joseph G. Sobek, who was unhappy with the indoor racket sports then available.

When did racquetball become an Olympic sport?


Country or region Americas
Olympic No
Paralympic No
World Games 1981, 1985, 1993, 2009, 2013

What is the game badminton?

Badminton is a fast-paced racket sport that can be played either as singles or doubles, with the aim of hitting a shuttlecock (or shuttle) over a net and into the opponent’s court. Physical Education. Badminton.

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How many sports are in the Olympics list?

In 2012 there were 26 sports contested, increasing to 28 in 2016, and 33 in 2020. The next Olympic Games in Paris 2024 are expected to have 32 sports with the debut of breakdancing, while karate, baseball & softball are dropped from the program.