Which Olympic sport takes the longest?

Which of these Olympic events is the longest distance covered?

The 50-kilometer (31 mile) race walk is the longest-distance race in the Olympic Games, about five miles longer than a marathon.

What is the longest event in athletics?

50 Kilometer Race Walk

This is the longest of all the track & field events, covering more than 30 miles of intense racing.

What is the longest race in track and field?

The 10,000 metres is the longest standard track event. Most of those running such races also compete in road races and cross country running events. The one hour run is an endurance race that is rarely contested, except in pursuit of world records.

How long is the Olympic triathlon?

Current events

Triathlon races are held over four distances: Sprint, Olympic, Double Olympic and Triple Olympic. The Olympic triathlon comprises a 1.5km swim, a 40km bike ride, and a 10km run. There are two competitions at the Olympic Games: men’s and women’s individual.

How long can humans run for?

How long a man can run continuously? Also speed, distance and time are keys factors to answer this question. The longest run a human was capable of sustaining was about 560km in 2005 with a total of 80 hours and 44 minutes without sleeping or stopping.

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