Who has lead out the NZ Olympic team?

Who lead the NZ Olympic team in 2016?

1 May 1997) became the first teenaged women to win an Olympic medal for New Zealand, beating the previous record set by 21-year old Jean Stewart at the 1952 Summer Olympics.

Medal tables.

Medal Gold
Name Hamish Bond Eric Murray
Sport Rowing
Event Men’s coxless pair
Date 11 August

Who has the most Olympic medals in NZ?

New Zealand Olympic medallists have achieved considerable sporting success for New Zealand, often considered to be notable due to the relatively small population of the country (5.12 million as of June 2021).


Medal Gold
Games 1960 Rome
Name Murray Halberg
Sport Athletics
Event Men’s 5000 metres

Has Lisa Carrington been a flag bearer?

At the Rio Olympics, Lisa took gold in the K1 200m and bronze in the K1 500m, becoming the first New Zealand female to claim multiple medals at an Olympics. She was then selected as the flag bearer at the closing ceremony.

Is New Zealand a flag?

Flag of New Zealand

Use National flag and state ensign
Proportion 1:2
Adopted March 24, 1902 (In use since 1869)
Design A Blue Ensign with the a Union Jack in the first quarter and four five-pointed red stars with white borders on the fly representing the Southern Cross.
Designed by Albert Hastings Markham
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How many golds does NZ have 2021?

Carrington’s gold medal meant New Zealand was 11th on the official medal table, which is ranked by the number of gold medals won, then the number of silver and bronze, at the end of Thursday’s action.

# 13
Country New Zealand

Who won the first gold medal?

The Indian men’s hockey team sealed their second of six consecutive gold medals on August 11, 1932 while Abhinav Bindra won India’s first individual Olympics gold on the same date at the 2008 Olympics.