Who won a high jumping gold medal in the 1912 Olympic Games?

Who won the 1912 Olympics?

United States won the most gold medals (25), while Sweden won the most medals overall (65).

1912 Summer Olympics.

Poster for the 1912 Summer Olympics, designed by Olle Hjortzberg
Host city Stockholm, Sweden
Nations 28
Athletes 2,406 (2,359 men, 47 women)

Who is the greatest athlete in history?

The 10 greatest athletes of all-time | Sports News | wacotrib.com.

  1. Michael Jordan. Hold your breath, because the Air is thinner up here.
  2. Wayne Gretzky. I almost put No. …
  3. Michael Phelps. The most decorated Olympian in history is “only” No. …
  4. Serena Williams. …
  5. Jackie Joyner-Kersee. …
  6. Usain Bolt. …
  7. Tiger Woods. …
  8. Jim Brown. …

Who won the gold medal in men’s high jump?

Italian athlete Gianmarco Tamberi along with Qatari athlete Mutaz Essa Barshim emerged as joint winners of the event following a tie between both of them as they cleared 2.37m.


Area Asia (records)
Height (m) 2.43
Athlete Mutaz Essa Barshim
Nation Qatar

What height won Olympic high jump?

The high jump has been a permanent fixture for men at the Olympic Games since 1896, while the women’s event was first introduced in 1928. The current world record for men was set at 2.45 meters by Cuba’s Javier Sotomayor in 1993, and the Olympic record was set at 2.39 meters by the U.S.’ Charles Austin in 1996.

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Who won the silver medal in the men’s high jump?

Praveen Kumar clinched a silver medal in the men’s high jump T64 event on Friday, taking India’s overall Paralympic medal tally to 11.