Who won the first gold medal in the 1996 Olympic softball game?

Which country won the first ever Olympic softball in 1996?

On 30 July 1996 in Atlanta and after eight days of Olympic competition, China and USA met in softball’s first-ever Olympic Gold Medal Game in front of a full house. China beat Australia in the Bronze Medal Game, 4-2, to make it to the final, leaving Australia with the first bronze medal in the sport.

Who played for the 1996 USA Olympic Team for softball?

Women’s National Team

No. Name Position
1 Dot Richardson Infield
15 Julie Smith Infield
32 Michele Smith Pitcher
35 Shelly Stokes Catcher

Who won the last Olympic softball?

The American Olympic softball team is taking home the silver after getting bested by Japan in a highly-anticipated rematch that was more than a decade in the making. Japan took gold on Tuesday after a 2-0 win over Team USA, whose bats were stifled throughout the game by Japanese pitcher Yukiko Ueno.

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