You asked: Did Adam Ondra qualify for the Olympics?

Who has qualified for 2020 Olympics climbing?

Qualified athletes

Standard Places Men’s
Olympic Qualifying Event 6 Adam Ondra (CZE) Bassa Mawem (FRA) Jan Hojer (GER) Pan Yufei (CHN) Alberto Ginés López (ESP) Nathaniel Coleman (USA)
Pan American Championships 1 Colin Duffy (USA)
African Championships 1 Christopher Cosser (RSA)
European Championships 1 Alexey Rubtsov (ROC)

Is Adam Ondra better than Alex Honnold?

Ondra is probably the best indoor climber in the world, and probably the best outdoor climber in the world, and certainly the best combination of the two. Even those who are more famous, like Alex Honnold, say that Adam Ondra is the best climber on earth.

Did Ashima Shiraishi qualify for the Olympics?

A long list of famous climbers didn’t manage to qualify for the Olympics. … Both Ashima Shiraishi and Margo Hayes didn’t qualify for a spot for the US even though they are America’s top outdoor climbers.

Is Alex Honnold climbing in the Olympics?

The only person in the world to climb the notorious El Capitan alone and without ropes, documented in the film Free Solo, Alex Honnold was watching along with the rest of us as his life passion, climbing, was featured in the Olympics for the first time at Tokyo 2020.

How many medals does Adam Ondra have?

At age 13, he climbed his first route graded 9a (5.14d). Rock & Ice reported that by 2011, Ondra was “onsighting 5.14c’s by the handful”, and by 2013 had “more or less repeated every hard route in the world—easily”.


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Season Total
Gold 6
Silver 5
Bronze 3
Total 14

How many competitions has Adam Ondra won?

He has won four World Championships titles – two in 2014, one in 2016 and more recently another in 2019. His double gold in 2014 made him the only male athlete to have won titles in both lead and bouldering disciplines in the same year.