You asked: Is Simone Biles going to compete in the 2021 Olympics?

Is Simone Biles The best ever?

She’s won more medals at international competitions than any other gymnast. Four gymnastic skills are named after her. She’s one of the few gymnasts to win every event at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. It’s the “consensus” that she is the best ever, says Meyers.

How many times has Simone Biles gone to the Olympics?

Although Biles had only competed at one Olympics before, her medal count coming into Tokyo was higher than most gymnasts get in their entire career. At the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, Biles won five Olympic medals: four gold and one bronze.

Is Simone Biles goat?

Simone Biles has been so widely dubbed “GOAT” — the “greatest of all time” — that Twitter has added a leotard-wearing goat emoji to the hashtag of her name (not to mention the sparkly goat that’s part of the design of her actual leotard).

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