You asked: Who is the Paralympic gold medalist?

Who won the Paralympics gold medals?

Paralympics’ India medal winners list

Athlete Medal Games
Mariyappan Thangavelu Gold Rio 2016
Varun Singh Bhati Bronze Rio 2016
Devendra Jhajharia Gold Rio 2016
Deepa Malik Silver Rio 2016

Who is the only Paralympic gold medalist?

Most gold medals over career

No. Athlete Sport
1 Trischa Zorn Swimming
2 Ragnhild Myklebust Biathlon, Cross-country skiing, Ice sledge racing
3 Béatrice Hess Swimming
4 Reinhild Moeller Alpine skiing, Athletics

Who won the Paralympics 2016?

Rio 2016 Paralympics Medal Table

United States 40 44
Australia 22 32
Germany 17 23
Netherlands 16 19

What is Paralympic motto?

The symbol also reflects the Paralympic Motto, “Spirit in Motion,” representing the strong will of every Paralympian.

What is the Paralympic medal tally?

At the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, Australia placed fifth on the gold medal tally with 22 gold, 30 silver and 29 bronze medals out of 159 countries.

How many gold medals are in the Olympics?

Finally, on a few occasions, the IOC has revoked a medal from an athlete found to have broken the rules and awarded it to another athlete. That said, here are the top 10 winners in total medals for the Summer, then Winter Olympics as of 2021.

Olympic Medals By Country 2021.

Country United States
Gold 1180
Silver 959
Bronze 841
Total Medals 2980
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