Your question: What American athlete excelled at the 1936 Olympics?


Who won 1936 Olympics?

Olympiade) and commonly known as Berlin 1936, were an international multi-sport event held from 1 to 16 August 1936 in Berlin, Germany. Berlin won the bid to host the Games over Barcelona at the 29th IOC Session on 26 April 1931.

Medal count.

Nation Germany*
Gold 38
Silver 31
Bronze 32
Total 101

What other famous American athletes participated in the 1936 Olympic Games?


  • Archie Williams- Won 1 gold medal in the 400m race.
  • Jesse Owens- Won 4 gold medals in the 100m race, the 200m race, the long jump, and the 4 × 100 m relay team.
  • John Woodruff- Won 1 gold medals in the 800m race.
  • Mack Robinson- Won 1 silver medal in the 200m race.

What sports were played in the 1936 Olympics?

List of sports for the 1936 Olympics

  • Aquatics (Swimming, Diving and Water Polo)
  • Athletics.
  • Basketball.
  • Boxing.
  • Canoeing.
  • Cycling (Road & Track)
  • Equestrian.
  • Fencing.

What did Jesse Owens accomplish in the 1936 Olympics?

At the 1936 Berlin Olympics, African American track star Jesse Owens wins his fourth gold medal of the Games in the 4×100-meter relay.

Which Olympics did the US not attend?

In 1980, the United States led a boycott of the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow to protest the late 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. In total, 65 nations refused to participate in the games, whereas 80 countries sent athletes to compete.

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Who was Jesse Owens wife?