Your question: Why did Michael Jordan wear 9 in the Olympics?

When did Jordan wear 9?

The first was in 1984 when amateurs, mainly elite college players, made up the roster. Because Olympic jersey numbers only went from 4-15, Jordan got the number 9 jersey. The next time MJ was in the Olympics was during the infamous Barcelona Olympics in 1992 with the Dream Team. Jordan again wore jersey number 9.

Did MJ wear number 9?

Due to the numbering of basketball jerseys for the Olympic games, Jordan was unable to wear his normal 23 jersey. The numbering of the Team USA jerseys went from 4-15, Jordan opted to wear the number 9 jersey. Team USA dominated the competition and Michael Jordan left with an Olympic gold medal.

When did Michael Jordan wear 45?

When Michael Jordan wore number 45

After the tragic murder of his father, MJ hung up his boots for the first time in 1993. In his time away from the game, Jordan played minor league baseball for one and a half years.

Why did Michael Jordan drape an American flag over his shoulders during the medal ceremony for the 1992 Olympic Games?

Jordan’s goal wasn’t patriotism, it was brand preservation, as outlined in ‘The Last Dance’ documentary. … Jordan, Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson took the extra precaution of carrying an American flag over their right shoulders. And so, as the national anthem played, there was no Reebok patch in sight.

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