How many British athletes won Olympic athletics gold medals in the 1990s?

What was the surname of the UK’s 100m track Olympic gold medalist from 1992?

Linford Cicero Christie OBE (born 2 April 1960) is a Jamaican-born British former sprinter. He is the only British man to have won gold medals in the 100 metres at all four major competitions open to British athletes: the Olympic Games, the World Championships, the European Championships and the Commonwealth Games.

Who won gold at 1992 Olympics?

Medal table

Rank Nation Gold
1 Unified Team (EUN) 45
2 United States (USA) 37
3 Germany (GER) 33
4 China (CHN) 16

How many gold medals did Great Britain win in the last Olympics?

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Great Britain at the 2016 Summer Olympics
Competitors 366 in 25 sports
Flag bearers Andy Murray (opening) Kate Richardson-Walsh (closing)
Medals Ranked 2nd Gold 27 Silver 23 Bronze 17 Total 67
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)

How many medals did Britain win in Atlanta?

197 nations participated – 28 more than the previous benchmark – and the home nation topped the honours table with 44 gold medals.

Have Great Britain ever won the Olympics?

Sir Steve Redgrave is the only British Olympian to win a gold medal in five consecutive Olympic Games, winning his first in 1984 Los Angeles and last in 2000 Sydney.

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Great Britain at the Olympics
Medals Ranked 3rd Gold 296 Silver 320 Bronze 332 Total 948
Summer appearances

How many gold medals are in the Olympics?

Finally, on a few occasions, the IOC has revoked a medal from an athlete found to have broken the rules and awarded it to another athlete. That said, here are the top 10 winners in total medals for the Summer, then Winter Olympics as of 2021.

Olympic Medals By Country 2021.

Country United States
Gold 1180
Silver 959
Bronze 841
Total Medals 2980

Which Briton has the most Olympic medals?

Cyclist Jason Kenny tops the all-time British Olympian medal table with eight medals in all – seven golds and two bronze. He is closely followed by fellow cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins – who has five golds, one silver and two bronze – and Sir Chris Hoy, who has six golds and one silver.