Is climbing going to be in the Olympics?

Is rock climbing being added to the Olympics?

Sport climbing has made its Olympic debut, giving the world a chance to see just how physically demanding it can be. A mix of speed, strength and agility, the sport has opened a few eyes through two days of qualifying. It will become even more intense with the finals, starting with the men on Thursday.

Is Alex Honnold going to the Olympics?

World renowned professional adventure climber Alex Honnold, featured in the documentary ‘Free Solo,’ joined for a series of content pieces around the debut of sport climbing at the Olympic Games. … I think that’s really why I like the Olympics – because it brings out the best performances from people.”

Who Won speed climbing Olympics 2021?

Aleksandra Miroslaw added more history to an already groundbreaking week of sport climbing at the Tokyo Olympics, breaking the women’s speed climbing world record in the discipline’s final round. Miroslaw ascended the 15-meter-high (49 ft) wall in 6.84 seconds, chopping .

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