Quick Answer: How do the poem and the story nine gold medals and my greatest Olympic prize appreciate the theme of sportsmanship?

How does the story my greatest Olympic prize reflect the theme of true sportsmanship and friendship?

Jesse Owens’ autobiographical writing ‘My Greatest Olympic Prize’ celebrates the themes of true friendship and true sportsmanship. … From that moment they became close friends. Luz Long even wanted Jesse to try his best to win the gold medal. He was happy to risk his own chance of victory to see his friend happy.

How does the poem Nine Gold Medals bring out the camaraderie among the athletes?

Subsequently, each of the nine athletes was awarded with a gold medal each. This was a great display of sportsman-spirit, compassion, co-operation and fellow-feeling among the sportsmen. … The athletes reminded us that the world now needs more cooperation and collaboration than competition.

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How does the poem my greatest Olympic prize show the value of true sportsmanship?

My Greatest Olympic Prize depicts how German athlete Luz Long exhibited the true spirit of sportsmanship by being friendly and motivating to his competitor Jesse Owens. … He showcased the true and honest friendship formed between him and German athlete Luz Long.

What is the critical appreciation of the poem Nine Gold Medals?

The poem is not only about nine physically challenged athletes participating in an an event in Special Olympics, but it is about presenting to the world an instance of solidarity, amity and friendship which makes this Olympics truly special.

What lesson do we learn from the story my greatest Olympic prize?

Conclusion of My Greatest Olympic Prize

The story gives a powerful message about how to be a true friend and a true sportsman. Also, it gives a lesson that we should be broadminded and give away the feelings of hatred or prejudices.

What does it reflect about Luz Long character?

Luz Long was genuinely happy when Owens won the gold medal in the board jump finals in Berlin Olympics 1936. He was the first man to congratulate Jesse when he landed from his final jump. … Luz Long’s action reveals the true friendship he felt for Jesse, in spite of being his rival in the event.

What is the message of Nine Gold Medals?

The theme of the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’ is that sports isn’t just about winning awards yet learning the upsides of participation, sharing, contending and supplementing. The writer has introduced the possibility of compassion and how human qualities are just about as significant as the soul of contest.

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How does the poem Nine Gold Medals uphold the basic human values in sports?

Ans. The poem celebrates human values pertaining to kindness, cooperation and empathy. … Sports is not only about winning medals but also about learning values of empathy and cooperation. The poem brings out a situation where the contestants set aside their desire to win and help another contestant who had fallen down.

What is the figure of speech of the poem Nine Gold Medals?

The figure of speech used here is Hyperbole.

How is empathy shown in Nine Gold Medals?

In this poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’, the poet, David Roth has presented the idea of empathy and how human values are as important as the spirit of competition. The poem presents the situation of a race, where the contestants leave aside their desire to win the medal to help a smaller and weaker contestant.

How does the poem shows the value of true sportsmanship?

The poem shows that even if people are of different castes or religions we should all show sportsmanship and fight together from any situations. It shows that human values are important for spirit of competition. —If any of my friends or participants fall down I would probably help them and finish the race together.

What is the meaning of true sportsman spirit How is it displayed in the poem Nine Gold Medals?

The poem Nine Gold Medals celebrates the true spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation, collaboration and kindness towards other humans. The poet David Roth strongly emphasises on the fact that winning is not more important than participating.

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