Quick Answer: Is Science Olympiad still happening?

Will there be a Science Olympiad in 2021?

The Science Olympiad National Tournament is the pinnacle of achievement for 120 of the country’s best Science Olympiad teams, representing more than 2,000 students. The 37th Annual Science Olympiad National Tournament will be hosted on May 21-22, 2021, by Arizona State University – and we’re going all-virtual!

Will Science Olympiad happen in 2020?

Due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak, many Science Olympiad tournaments taking place in the 2020 season could not proceed normally. By the beginning of the 2021 season, many states are looking towards in-person classes and resuming school as normal.


Month Topic
May 2021 Engineering

Is Science Olympiad virtual 2022?

Tournament is remotely-conducted with students competing from their homes. As schools, districts, and campuses begin safely reopening, states may use whichever tournament model (Traditional, Satellite SO, Mini SO) conditions in their state allow to qualify teams for the 2022 National Tournament.

Is Science Olympiad online?

The virtual Science Olympiad 2021 National Tournament will be hosted online the week of May 17 by Arizona State University, with a handoff to Caltech at the close of the event. … After COVID-19 safety measures canceled some tournaments in 2020, Caltech volunteers gained expertise in virtual tournaments.

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Is Science Olympiad hard?

The competition is significantly harder than most state and regional competitions. Prizes and scholarships are awarded to the top scorers in each event.

Who won the Science Olympiad 2020?

National Tournament Winners by Year

Year Division B Champion Division C Champion
2017 Daniel Wright Junior High School (2) Troy High School (11)
2018 Solon Middle School (8) Troy High School (12)
2019 Kennedy Middle School Troy High School (13)
2020 Cancelled

What do Science Olympiad winners get?

The single Grand Prize Student Winner will receive a $2,000 college scholarship (held in escrow until college enrollment; then paid directly to the college). All five winners will receive $250 each for their Science Olympiad teams and a Bose SoundLink II Bluetooth remote speaker!

How long is a Science Olympiad test?

Remember that most events have 50 minute time limits, so you should try to make sure the test can be completed within 50 minutes, without making it so simple that someone can finish it in less than 15.

What day is Science Olympiad?

Getting Ready for the 2021-2022 Season August 23, 2021

For the 2021-2022 Science Olympiad season, Southern California Regionals are currently planning to be part of the SoCal Joint-Regional Tournament using the Satellite Tournament Model on Saturday, Feb 26, 2022.