What event made the Olympic debut 1908?

What happened at the 1908 Olympics?

The 1908 Games were originally scheduled to be held in Rome, but were relocated on financial grounds following the violent eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1906, which claimed over 100 lives; Rome eventually hosted the Games in 1960.

Medal count.

Nation Italy (ITA)
Gold 2
Silver 2
Total 4

What caused the 1908 Olympics to be held in London?

31, 1908. The London Games were the fourth occurrence of the modern Olympic Games. The 1908 Olympic Games originally were scheduled for Rome, but, with Italy beset by organizational and financial obstacles, it was decided that the Games should be moved to London.

What event led to the start of the Olympic Games?

In Greek mythology, Mt. Olympos was the home of the greatest of the Greek gods and goddesses. The ancient Olympic Games began in the year 776 BC, when Koroibos, a cook from the nearby city of Elis, won the stadion race, a foot race 600 feet long.

Why is 1908 important?

The year 1908 began at midnight when a 700-pound “electric ball” fell from the flagpole atop the New York Times building—the first-ever ball-drop in Times Square. It ended 366 days later (1908 was a leap year) with a nearly two-and-a-half-hour flight by Wilbur Wright, the longest ever made in an airplane.

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Who won the 1908 Olympics?


Event Gold Silver
1500 metres Mel Sheppard United States Harold Wilson Great Britain
5 miles Emil Voigt Great Britain Edward Owen Great Britain
Marathon Johnny Hayes United States Charles Hefferon South Africa
110 metres hurdles Forrest Smithson United States John Garrels United States

How many countries participated in the 1908 Olympics?

22 Participating Countries

1 Australasia Germany
2 Austria Great Britain
3 Belgium Greece
4 Bohemia Hungary
5 Canada Iceland

Which nation won two bronze medals in the 1908 Olympics?

Medal table

Rank Nation Bronze
1 Great Britain (GBR)* 39
2 United States (USA) 12
3 Sweden (SWE) 11
4 France (FRA) 9