What is meant by Special Olympic Bharat?

What is Special Olympic Bharat Brainly?

Explanation: Special Olympics Bharat is a movement that uses sports as a catalyst to change the lives of children and adluts with intellectual disabilities or mentally challenged persons. It was founded in 1987 as Special Olympics India and changed to Special Olympics Bharat in 2001.

Which games are in Special Olympic Bharat?

These 7 sports are: Alpine skiing, Snow Shoeing, Snow Boarding, Figure Skating, Speed Skating,Floor Hockey and Floor Ball including Unified Floor Ball. 142 Athletes have participated at the Special Olympics World Winter Games since 1993 until 2013.

What is Special Olympics Bharat explain its functions and activities?

Special Olympics is a global organization that serves athletes with intellectual disabilities working with hundreds of thousands of volunteers and coaches each year.

How did the Special Olympics start class 11?

How did Special Olympics start class 11? Class 11 Question This organisation was established in 2001. It’s aim is to increase the participation of disable people in games and sports. Its another objectives was to develop leadership quality social quality and health.

Why was Bharat started?

This organization was established in 2001, It’s aim was to increase the participation of differently abled person’s in games and sports. It’s another objective was to develop leadership, quality and healthy.

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