Who is the most famous Paralympic athlete?

Who is the most disabled Paralympic athlete?

Trischa Zorn

She is the most decorated Paralympic athlete ever. Trischa, Paralympic Swimmer from America, has won 55 medals including 41 gold in Paralympic games. In addition to being the most successful Paralympian ever Trischa holds many world records in her disability category.

Has anyone won an Olympic and Paralympic medal?

There is at present only one athlete who has won a medal at the Olympics prior to becoming disabled, and has then gone on to win medals at the Paralympics.

Who is the most famous Paralympic athlete in Australia?

Stories of Australian Paralympians

  • Dapnhe Hilton (right) is one of Australia’s most accomplished athletes. …
  • At the 1972 and 1976 Paralympics Games, Tracy Freeman won 10 medals and broke six world records. …
  • Kevin Coombs was the first Indigenous athlete to represent Australia at an Olympics or Paralympics.
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