Who says Olympic oath?

Who read the Olympic oath?

The Olympic oath had first been taken 101 years ago at Antwerp 1920 when it was spoken only by Belgian fencer Victor Boin on behalf of his fellow athletes. It had been introduced at the urging of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the IOC President at the time.

What is the Olympic oath 2021?

Depending on the group that is speaking, the new oath reads: “In the name of the athletes”, “In the name of all judges” or “In the name of all the coaches and officials”. “We promise to take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules and in the spirit of fair play, inclusion and equality.

What is the Special Olympic oath?

What is the Special Olympics athlete oath? “Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

What was the original Olympic motto?

The original motto, expressed in Latin as “Citius, Altius, Fortius,” was inspired by a friend of Baron Pierre de Coubertin. Father Henri Didon devised it as a means to encourage his pupils at a sporting event.

Why is there an Olympic oath?

A call for an oath was announced as early as 1906 by International Olympic Committee (IOC) president and founder Pierre de Coubertin in the Revue Olympique (Olympic Review in French). This was done in an effort to ensure fairness and impartiality.

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