Your question: Why is Russia not in the 2020 Olympics?

How many Russian athletes were stripped of their medals?

A total of 133 Olympic medals (42 gold, 43 silver and 48 bronze) have been retroactively stripped from athletes for a variety of offences at the Summer Games.

Number of stripped medals at the Summer Olympics by country and color from 1968 to 2020.

Characteristic Russia*
Gold 7
Silver 15
Bronze 11

When did Russia not compete in the Olympics?

Russia was banned from this year’s Olympics due to a state-sponsored doping scheme from 2011-2015.

Why can Russia compete as ROC?

The “ROC,” or “Russian Olympic Committee,” is a group of athletes from Russia who are allowed to compete under this special designation because their country is banned due to a “state-sponsored doping program.”

How many medals did Russia win in 2021 Olympics?

Olympic Medals By Country 2021

Country Gold Total Medals
Russia 196 547
Norway 192 528
Canada 144 525
Hungary 182 518
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